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Management system

The company always adheres to the tenet of “produce safe, reliable and healthy food”, selects strictly the raw material in line with the domestic and international food sanitation law and relevant national safety standards, and provides high quality products and services to the customer. The company sets up a special food safety team responsible for the quality of the products, food safety work, developing GPM, ISO9000, ISO2200, HACCP system files. The persons appointed are responsible for the implementation of these files. In production management, the company fulfills always ISO9000, ISO2200 quality management system and HACCP food safety management system.
Quality managerial policy: Use high quality raw material; produce high quality products; abide by the contract; let the customer satisfied; insist on continuous improvement; construct the first-class brand.
Food safety policy: Maintain good hygienic environment; eliminate unsafe factors; produce safety products; improve continuously food safety awareness.
Food safety target: 0 food safety accident; 0 complaints on food safety.